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WinCleaner OneClick Professional Clean 12.7

Provides a set of tools to find and repair critical errors present on your PC
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WinCleaner OneClick Professional is a software application developed by Business Logic Corporation that provides a set of tools designed to globally analyze your system in order to find critical errors and to repair them, helping you to keep a clean and safe system. That kind of errors is commonly responsible for serious problems, like system crashes and slowness.

By default, when you run the program, it automatically performs a system scan and presents you with a general report of the errors found. Then, a confirmation window will appear, where you can choose to actually fix all the errors, whether to back up the deleted files or not, and if the program must proceed with the "secure delete" (which means that you will not be able to recover those deleted files in any way, shape or form). In turn, you have three different types of secure deletion method - one pass random, two pass (more secure), and DOD (Standard Data Destruction). Of course, you can configure it not to run that automatic system scan, and there is also an "Advanced Options" window where you can tell the program which of your system's areas you would like to have analyzed.

The program's main interface is nice and pleasant. Most of the space is devoted to show a summary of the results after the scan process has finished. Here you can start (or re-start) the system scan, decide if the auto-scan must be executed or not, and access the "Advanced Options" window. There is also a "Remove Items" button that re-opens the confirmation window that appeared automatically after the scan, in case you closed it by accident.

Among the areas of your system this program is able to analyze and repair, I must mention all the local and network hard drives (or, if you want, only a subset of them), the temporary and junk files repositories, the Internet cache files, history files, history list and cookies, broken shortcuts, invalid registry items, and the recycle bin. All these can be scanned, checked, and cleaned up by getting rid of all unnecessary files.

Definitively, this program offers a very good set of maintenance tools that will keep your system in good shape. Of course, this is a 30-days trial version, but the price of the fully-functional version seems very reasonable for the functionality it offers.

Ricardo Soria
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